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A Second Opinion Never Hurts

"May you prosper in health, even as your soul prospers." III John 2


Consider the following:

    • Everybody gets sick sooner or later.
    • No one ever gets off this planet alive. Everybody eventually dies, too often of disease.
    • There is one correct diagnosis and one best treatment for your disease.
    • That one correct diagnosis is possible even if it seems to be unlikely or when it is difficult to make.
    • There is one best treatment for your disease.
    • While other treatments, therapies, and medical remedies may also be offered and may even be effective, all of them will be worse than the best one.
    • Just because there are absolutely correct answers does not assure that any one diagnostician or therapist will ever actually be able to find them.
    • Only 40% of clinical diagnoses as the cause of death are confirmed by pathology at autopsy. Therefore, doctors tend to be wrong more than half of the time, yet never in doubt.
    • It is almost always better to look and see than wait and see.
    • Remember, 50% of doctors graduated in the lower half of their class.
    • None of us is as smart as all of us combined.
    • While no one physician may be as smart as all the others, it sure helps to have somebody get everyone focused together on your case.
    • Because human beings are fallen creatures living out limited lives in a fallen creation there will be mistakes.
    • More mistakes are made by not looking than by not knowing.
    • The most common mistake we make is assuming that there is not one right answer; only the least of many evils.
    • The other common mistake is to assume that we have no reliable guidance toward that one best answer.
    • We have that guidance from two definitive texts. One text is the ordered book of nature and natural science. The other book is the Bible and its claim of "on-line" supernatural wisdom and direction by the Holy Spirit of God who claims to be the Author of both books.
    • Third party payment interferes in doctor-patient relationships. Who's really watching out for your health, your HMO or your insurance company?
    • While most physicians are both well trained and competent their motivation may vary with the source of payment.
    • Since insurance is a guaranteed lump sum payment, in advance, up to a certain limit, it is a promise of a loan that you and all the other insured patients will pay off in small increments. The Bible says that the borrower is servant to the lender. The insurance carrier becomes the master of the insured as a borrower.
    • In any master-servant relationship the servant is paid money while the master pays money. All insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, PPOs and other third party payment renders the doctors and hospitals the servants of the third party payers, rather than servants of "their" patients.
    • You get what you pay for.
    • "Managed Care" neither manages nor cares.
    • Reassurance doesn't. Everybody is familiar with the Fall of Adam and the Curse that followed. This curse is better known in the sciences as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. It is best illustrated in everyday life as the vagaries of child rearing, or the debris that accumulates under your bed and on your desk.
    • There is a widening gap between what doctors know and what patients understand. This tends to foster misunderstanding and frustration that may only be remedied with mediation.
    • Mediation that produces a better medical outcome decreases the damage and reduces the suffering and hurt feelings that drive legitimate litigation. A more forgiving settlement could result from properly handled corrected diagnosis and redirected therapy.
    • Christian counseling requires that patients be encouraged to forgive any previously incorrect diagnoses or treatments.
    • Medical mediation under Judeo-Christian biblical direction should prevent lawsuits and reunite doctors with their patients.
    • Medical mediation and a second look by an objective investigator should bring together many minds, anyone of which might have missed the diagnosis alone.
    • We are not claiming to be smarter than other doctors, only smarter than all the insurance clerks, hospital administrators and all the other non-scientific personnel who have imposed themselves into your medical diagnosis and treatment.

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